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Now and old times, citylife and nature, crowd & silence—— The place where you can experience the both sides of Tokyo,Ueno. GRIDS Tōkyō Ueno is located right near the Ueno station where it's easy for you to access to alot of famous places. This page introduces carefully selected spots filled with the essence of Ueno. Other than this theres alot of hidden gem places in Ueno where you could experience Tokyo Japan at its best, Make GRIDS as the starter to begin your journey and experience the great Tokyo.

  • 01

    01. Meet up with animals at the oldest zoo in Japan.
    SPOT : Ueno Zoo
    distance from GRIDS : 000m / 00min
  • 02

    02. Shopping in a shopping street full energetic crowd.
    Japan's largest shopping street with over 400 stores crowded on a street with a total length of about 500m. Everything from sweets and fresh fish, bags and clothes to cosmetics and military goods is available.Hear the energetic lively voices of the crowds. The Ameyoko Center Building underground food district, lined with Asian ingredients,spices, definitely worth a visit.This place is especially crowded on weekends and public holidays, so be careful if you have a suitcase or stroller.
    SPOT : Ameyoko Street
    distance from GRIDS : 000m / 00min
  • 03

    03. Relive history at the luxurious shrine
    SPOT : Ueno Toshogu Shrine
    distance from GRIDS : 000m / 00min
  • 04

    04. Learn Japanese and Asian culture from over 110,000 collection
    SPOT : Tokyo National Museum
    distance from GRIDS : 000m / 00min
  • 05

    05. Feel the city's nature at the famous lotus pond.
    SPOT : Shinobazu Pond
    distance from GRIDS : 000m / 00min
  • 06

    06. Feel the history and culture while taking a walk at the green park
    SPOT : Ueno Park
    distance from GRIDS : 000m / 00min
  • 07

    07. Start the night at a public bar with a long history in Ueno
    An old-fashioned izakaya where people gather all the time. Classic Motsuyaki from 90 yen per bottle. In addition to the tuna-yaki, you can't remove the stew from the founding of the horse.In the crowded shop counter seats, conversations can naturally occur with the customers next door. Under guard. If you have a lot of head offices, check out the branch that is a 1-minute walk away.
    SPOT : IZAKATYA「Daitoryo」
    distance from GRIDS : 000m / 00min
  • 08

    08. Experience the appearance of Edo downtown which had already dissappeared
    This museum shows the downtown area of Tokyo which disappeared due to the Great Kanto Earthquake and war. This is the only place where the old scenery of Tokyo, which became one of the world's largest cities, remains. There is exhibition of small items at that time such as public phones and TV In addition to cityscapes and houses. There is also the booth where you can play with old toys, so everybody feels as if they experience time slip. For the souvenir, we reccomend the museum's original Japanese style towels.
    SPOT : shitamachi museum
    distance from GRIDS : 000m / 00min
  • 09

    09. Enjoy traditional performing arts while having bento.
    SPOT : Suzumo Theater (Rakugo)
    distance from GRIDS : 000m / 00min
  • 10

    10. Getting refreshed at a public bath experiencing Mt. Fuji
    One of the few public baths in Japan, designated as a registered tangible cultural property of the country. As it is open from 6am, it is perfect for refreshing before going out or after a walk in Ueno Onshi Park. The bathtub corners are filled with Iwayama atmosphere and it was made using Mt. Fuji's lava. it has prepared a set of body soap and shampoo, and towels are rented out, providing our guests an easy use. Tattoos allowed.
    SPOT : Tsubame-yu (Sento/Public Bath)
    distance from GRIDS : 000m / 00min